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Reliable refrigerated transport
of your frozen products

Specialist refrigerated transport of your frozen products is in safe hands with DFDS. With conditioned trucks, experienced drivers and optional unloading service, we guarantee safe transport throughout Europe to your location.

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Conditioned transport of pet food

Your frozen products are transported at a temperature of -22° Celsius. Transporting temperature-sensitive products is specialist work, which is why we outsource this to DFDS. This transport company knows all the ins and outs of food transport. With conditioned transport and equipped with experienced drivers, they offer reliable refrigerated transport services throughout Europe. our product is guaranteed to be in safe hands!

Mulder Petfood pand Eibergen vrachtwagen transport DFDS

Transport including unloading

We aim to unburden our customers, even when it comes to transport. Therefore, if required, DFDS trucks are equipped with a tail lift and an electric pump truck. As a result, our customers do not have to worry about unloading pallets or other heavy loads; our drivers take care of unloading right to the door.

DFDS also ensures that our raw materials are delivered to our location in Eibergen under optimal conditions.

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